Vetericyn Wound & Skin Care Spray

$ 26.96

* Clean, Treat, Heal
* Kills bacteria in 30 seconds and reduces healing time by 60%
* Cleans wounds, treats infections and kills bacteria
* As seen on RFDTV
* Endorsed by Clinton Anderson and a proud sponsor of Cesar Millan
* Made in the USA
* New Traveler P.O.P. Kit helps maximize Vetericyn sales! See Other Info below

Vetericyn Wound & Skin Care Spray for dogs, horses, livestock and pets treats and prevents rashes, ringworm, post-surgical sites, umbilical post, burns, eye and ear irriations, scratches, skin irritations, dryland distemper and strangles. May also be used to clean tack, wraps, saddle cinches and other equipment to prevent spread of disease and bacteria.

One step wound care!
Vetericyn works naturally with the animal’s immune system to fight infection and speed healing time. Broad-spectrum formula won't harm healthy tissue.

Helps increase blood flow and wound-healing nutrients to the wound site to speed healing. Reduces swelling and itching.

Ready for immediate use, no mixing or dilution required. No-rinse formula won’t leave behind any film or residue that needs to be cleaned off. Vetrycin is as safe as water and can be used around mouth, nose and eyes. 100% biodegradeable. Does not stain furniture or clothing.

pump 8 oz.

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