Thia-Cal by Finish Line

$ 14.96

* High B1-calcium supplement helps relax horses that suffer from nervousness
* Won’t test positive

Thia-Cal camling supplement from Finish Line.
Is your horse regularly nervous before a competition? Lack of thiamine (vitamin B1) can cause nervousness and lead to tension in competition. Thia Cal liquid B1 calcium supplement calms horses that suffer from nervousness, supports peak performance levels and helps stop washing out before races and competitions. Each 1 oz serving contains (max) 160 mg calcium, 3,200 mg salt, 1,400 mg sodium, 490 mg thiamine, potassium and magnesium.NO tryptophan, valerian root or kava kava; will not test positive. Dosage: For 1,000 lbs body weight, top-dress 2 oz daily for 8 days, then 1 oz daily thereafter.