Best Rain Rot Treatment For Horses - Equiderma Skin Lotion Ring Worm, Scratch Treatment Plus Mikes Instinct Apple Flavored Irresistabe Horse Treats - Exclusive Bundle

$ 34.99

  • GROOMING HEALTH CARE ESSENTIAL - Equiderma 16 oz.easy to apply lotion & Mike's Munchies horse treats
  • BEST EQUINE SKIN LOTION - Skin Lotion aids in the treatment of sweet itch, summer itch, muck itch, rain rot, scratches and insect bites. It is simple to use: just apply and the product will do the rest
  • USE at the onset of winter to inhibit winter rain rot and before spring to stop skin disease from starting. No shampooing necessary
  • QUICKLY CONQUER the skin problems that have turned your love affair with your horse into a nightmare


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