About Us

About the name:

I realize the name of this tack store is rather unconventional, and different. So i'd like to explain. 

Currently, I am going through a rough patch in my life....a ongoing ,nasty, divorce....IE: cutting your money off, parental alienating your children...and so on...honestly....it's worse than any lifetime movie ever produced (think narcissistic sociopath)...and this is a real situation.  Anyways, you get the picture.....the ONE thing that he has been unable to take from me is my horse, Oliver. As horse people, we know how the smells, touch, and sounds of horses can be therapeutic. 

Being in such a tough spot I realized that I need to do something to help support myself and my 3 children...so I started this store.  I guess,I should get back to about the name. My horse Oliver, is a off the track thoroughbred..Hence, his Jockey Club name, Mike's Instinct. He's been the savior through this mess...and I owe him more than, I could ever repay him....So this is dedicated to him!

I hope to be able to get to a point with this business that I can donate proceeding's to Thoroughbred charities...and domestic abuse charities, things that I know all to well, and also to bring awareness...

Have any questions, please contact me..........thank you so much!

Heather & Oliver

Serving the Equestrian needs of the Horse and Horseman of the United States!

Offering a hand-picked selection of Saddles, Tack, Fittings, Bridles, Bits, Halters, Riding Apparel, Boots and Stable Supplies.