Kens-i-Tech Turnout Rug

$ 79.95

Sixty years ago, Kensington offered it’s rendition of a Canvas Rug to
the industry. Kensington went into the archives to retro-fit the
original Canvas Rug to today’s standards. Where the Original Canvas Rug
was not truly waterproof, the Kens-I-Tech Rug is, and where the old
Canvas would get heavier over time, the Kens-I-Tech will not. The
Kens-i-Tech offers the desirable qualities of the Canvas rug, without
any of the inherited problems. We have upgraded the fit to the Euro
Cut, which provides maximum coverage, and have added gusset to allow
for more movement. This Rug is 100% waterproof and breathable, with a
toughas-nails outer shell. On the interior of the Rug you will find a
thin wool lining for warmth and moisture wicking that only wool can

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